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Hezi Group
      HEZI GROUP is a AGRICULTURE ENTERPRISE£¬mainly engaged in farming assistant special local product--- roasted seeds and nuts food¡¯s process and distribution .company¡¯main product include of aromatic melon seeds¡¢watermelon seeds¡¢white melon seeds¡¢peanut¡¢hill walnut¡¢soft nut¡¢aromatic nuts and so on¡£Every economic item of Its nucleus product 'HEZI' melon seeds come out top continuous five years in same trade£¬belonging to one of domestic general base of roasted seeds and nuts food.

Corporation¡¯s¡®HEZI¡¯brand was appraised as ¡®SHAOXINGCITY FAMOUS BRAND¡¯during 2000 and ¡®ZHEJIANGCITY FAMOUS BRAND¡¯during 2003.At the same time£¬since the pop out behave of farm product £¬from 2003 to 2005£¬was cognized as ten greatness framing food famous brand¡¢city agriculture scale enterprise¡¢industry seedling enterprise etc. successively by ZHUJI CITY COMMITTEE¡¢CITY GOVERNMENT OFFICE. And was also appraised as SHAOXING CITY cock enterprise by SHAOXING CITY in 2005.

Company own fixed capital RMB 36,300,000 and quick assets RMB almost 10,000,000 now. And investment built block and work shop in 2000.Company now have employee almost 200,peciality technical staff 54,and set up 25 offices in countrywide.

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